Haozhou Wang (王浩舟)

(Haozhou Wang)

(Postdoctoral Fellowship, The University of Tokyo)

(International Field Phenomics Research Laboratory)

被引数(Citations) 143
H-index 6


Remote Sensing Plant Phenotyping

(A post-doc at the Laboratory of Field Phenomics, UTokyo. Has a cross-disciplinary background in computer science, ecology, forestry, and agriculture. Research focuses on crop 3D reconstruction, 3D data processing, and digital twin crop models.".)

研究方向 (Research Interest)

  • 高通量三维植物重建表型
    (High-throughput plant phenotyping by 3D reconstruction)
  • 依托逆运算的大田表型测量参数优化
    (In-field traits optimization based on backward projection)
  • 数字孪生虚拟作物模型
    (Digital twin virtual plant model)

教育背景 (Education)

  • 东京大学 农学博士学位, 2023.09
    (Doctor in Agricultural science, The University of Tokyo)
  • 新不伦瑞克大学 林学研究型硕士学位, 2019.12
    (MSc in Forestry, The University of New Brunswick)
  • 南京林业大学 生态学学士学位, 2017.06
    (BSc in Ecology, The Nanjing Forestry University)



东京大学 (The University of Tokyo)



Easy Intermediate Data Processor (EasyIDP): A Python Package for intermediate preprocessing data between photogrammetry outputs and plant pheenotyping traits calculation.

东京大学 (The University of Tokyo)



Easy Dense Cloud Phenotyping (EasyDCP): A python package for agricultural phenotypic trait extraction from 2D image sets via 3D reconstruction and analysis of 3D point clouds.

新不伦瑞克大学 (The University of New Brunswick)


通过不同高度的全景图像(Ricoh theta)像对,测量胸高断面积、胸径、树高、郁闭度等参数

A Python Program to measure tree attributes (Basal Area, DBH, Height, Gap Fraction) from two Ricoh Theta spherical image pair taken at different height.

中国林业科学研究院 (Chinese Academy of Forestry)



Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - High Resolution imagery Analysis Platform (UAV-HiRAP), is an open-source, web-based platform which provides service for image classification (maintenance suspended).



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Before 2020

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Young researcher innovation award (若手研究者イノベーション賞)


Feldman, A., Wang, H., Fukano, Y., Kato, Y., Ninomiya, S., Guo, W., February 24-27, 2020. Affordable high-throughput processing of handheld camera images of container plants to phenotypic data (poster), Phenome 2020, Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.

Before 2020

Feldman, A., Wang, H., Fukano, Y., Guo, W., October 22-25, 2019. Affordable high-throughput processing of multi-scale images to phenotypic data (poster). The 6th International Plant Phenotyping Symposium, Nanjing Dongjiao State Guesthouse, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.

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Wang, H., Kershaw, J.A., March 23, 2018. Measuring Plant Area Index (PAI) from panorama photo images (oral). The 25th Annual UNB Graduate Research Conference (GRC), Wu Conference Center, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.
First Place for Oral Presentation in Science & Engineering

Wang, H., Kershaw, J.A., November 5-7, 2017. Extracting DBH Measurements from RGB Photo Images (oral). The Northeastern Mensurationists 2017 Annual Meeting, The Inn at Saratoga. Saratoga Springs, New York, U.S.

Wang, H., Wang, F., Yao, X., Mu, Y., Bai, Y., Lu, Q., August 20-25, 2017 . UAV-HiRAP: A novel method to improve landscape-level vegetation classification and coverage fraction estimation with unmanned aerial vehicle platform (oral). The 12th International Congress of Ecological (INTECOL), China National Convention Center, Beijing, China.

专利 (Patents)

王锋,韩东,王浩舟,卢琦,潘绪斌,一种基于无人机的景观尺度植被覆盖度的计算方法及系统:2019. CN 201610913357

无人机高精度影像分析平台[简称: UAV-HiRAP] v3.0, 2019. 软著登字第 2019SR0286422.

无人机高精度影像分析平台[简称: UAV-HiRAP] v2.0, 2017. 软著登字第 2017SR558256.

无人机高精度影像分析平台[简称: UAV-HiRAP] v1.0, 2016. 软著登字第 2016SR198498.

Yaira 实测数据多维可视化软件[简称:Yaira] v1.0, 2016. 软著登字第 2016SR178462.

数据 (Datasets)

David, E., Serouart, M., Smith, D., Madec, S., Velumani, K., Liu, S., Wang, X., Espinosa, F.P., Shafiee, S., Tahir, I.S.A., Tsujimoto, H., Nasuda, S., Zheng, B., Kichgessner, N., Aasen, H., Hund, A., Sadhegi-Tehran, P., Nagasawa, K., Ishikawa, G., Dandrifosse, S., Carlier, A., Mercatoris, B., Kuroki, K., Wang, H., Ishii, M., Badhon, M.A., Pozniak, C., LeBauer, D.S., Lilimo, M., Poland, J., Chapman, S., de Solan, B., Baret, F., Stavness, I., Guo, W., 2021. Global Wheat Head Dataset 2021: more diversity to improve the benchmarking of wheat head localization methods.


Experience Timeline


东京大学 | The University of Tokyo

特任研究员 | Postdoctoral Followship


Focused on 3D-based plant phenotyping by multi-scale data fusion.


东京大学 | The University of Tokyo

农学博士 | Doctor in Agricultural Science


Focused on 3D reconstruction and virtual plant phenotyping, with a specific emphasis on broccoli and corn. During this period, several Python data processing toolkits and crop 3D reconstruction workflows were developed. The title of the thesis is "Studies on 3D-based plant phenotyping by multi-scale data fusion".


新不伦瑞克大学 | The University of New Brunswick

林学研究型硕士 | Master of Science in Forestry


Focused on the area of distorted analyzing forest images taken by fisheye and spherical camera. Participated several university and international oral presentation and competition. The title of Thesis is "Estimating Forest Attributes from Spherical Images"


中国林业科学研究院 | The Chinese Academy of Forestry

实习 | Internship


Developed software for UAV image analysis in sparse Elm grassland. Registored software copyright for Matlab based UAV-HiRAP and Web-based UAV-HiRAP (www.uav-hirap.org) for semi-automatic classify plants and backgrounds. The achievements were extended to a patent, an oral presentation on The 12th International Congress of Ecological, and pulished on top journal "Acta Ecologica Sinica" and "Agricultural and Forest Meteorology", respectively.


南京林业大学 | The Nanjing Forestry University

生态学学士 | Bachelor of Science in Ecology


During the study period, participated all kinds of activaties during study period, envolved in the College Student Innovation Training Projects and applied two software copyrights. The last year as a transfer student in the University of New Brunsiwick. The titile of dissertation is "Extracting DBH Measurements from RGB Photo Images"



Young researcher innovation award
The Third Prize of the Liang Xi Youth Paper Award
First Place for Oral Presentation in Science & Engineering on 25th UNB GSA Conference